Emily Guerin

I’m a freelance print and radio journalist based in Western Colorado, where the Rocky Mountains meet the desert. Currently I work as a correspondent for High Country News, a bimonthly news magazine that covers social and environmental issues of the American West. I’m also the interim news director at KVNF Public Radio. Before moving out West, I covered coastal Maine as a newspaper and radio reporter and wrote a monthly column about abandoned buildings called “That’s My Dump!” I also contributed a chapter to “The Graduates,” an e-book published in August 2013 about the difficulties of graduating into the Great Recession. My favorite stories are narratives about people and their relationship to place, but I’m happy to cover breaking news or spend months digging into investigative features. I’m also a Spanish speaker and a wilderness trip instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).

Contact me at: emilyguerin {at} gmail.com

Twitter @guerinemily